spider-man 2 movie game

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Spider-man 2 movie game

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Most movie based games tend to be, well, pretty bad.

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Shutterstock casino The game is a follow-up to the game Spider-Manitself based on the film. It just changed. But I think this was the first time where you actually felt like you were truly Spider-Man by california casino gambling and having those attach points. Peter accompanies Aunt May at the bank, when Octavius and his goons rob it, in order to fund a second experiment. A few months before the game's release, which was set to coincide with the release spider-man 2 movie game the film, the developers at Treyarch were forced to cut a large amount of content in order to complete and ship the game on time. James Zachary: Spider-Man 3 is where I really felt we hit our stride on the animation side of things.
Lufia 2 casino vip card Even with development differences, the games are pretty much identical, and all a lot of fun to play. With his confidence renewed, Spider-Man continues to defend the city from evil - thus a never-ending game. Peter takes a few photos of Beck as Mysterio, and J. Spider-Man 2. Start a Wiki.
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You'll have to take on master criminals, you'll explore a fun house, you'll have to navigate a hovering obstacle course to prove that you aren't a hoax, and so on. By and large, most of these challenges aren't especially difficult, so you'll likely get through each one on your first or second attempt.

Incidentally, Spidey can do a few things aside from just swinging around. Most of the combat consists of simple button mashing, though as mentioned, you can purchase new combo attacks and other moves that can make the combat at least look a little more interesting. The problem is that most of the enemies are real pushovers. Some will block your attacks, but many of them can easily get webbed up so that you can whale away on them. The game has a counter system, which lets you hit a button to dodge an attack.

Your spider sense informs you of incoming attacks by showing a quick flash around Spider-Man's head, which alerts you to impending danger and gives you a short time frame for attempting to avoid it. The game isn't completely easy, and it can be particularly tough when enemies are in groups--especially when they're all armed and are firing at you at a rapid pace. But with enough hopping around and constant pounding on the attack button, even the most dire-looking odds aren't insurmountable.

And if things get too hot to handle, you can drop into "spider reflex mode," which is really just a fancy way of saying "bullet time. But you probably won't even need to use this mode. Webswinging is fun and exciting at first, but the game starts to wear thin quickly. Graphically, Spider-Man looks good. The city is the real star of the game's visuals, though.

The city itself looks great, and the game maintains a solid frame rate as you move through it, even when you're swinging around at high speeds. There's a bit of a trade-off in that while the Spider-Man character model looks nice and animates really fluidly, many of the game's characters--especially pedestrians--look pretty bad.

You'll see these character models up close pretty often, too, since the game zooms in on them whenever you take on a randomly generated task. You'll see then that these blocky characters' faces don't animate in any way when they talk to you. But the game does do a good job with the characters that are based on actors from the film.

When you're out of costume, you look like Tobey Maguire. Doc Ock looks like Alfred Molina, and so on and so forth. And above all, the swinging looks good. The webs actually attach to objects this time around, so you aren't just swinging around by shooting webs into the sky as you did in the previous Spider-Man game.

As for the sound side of Spider-Man 2, it's missing something: music. When you aren't engaged in a mission, you'll swing around the city in near silence. This isn't all bad, because it gives you a good opportunity to hear the wind whooshing by as you swing, and you'll also be able to hear citizens crying out for help. However, it still makes these sequences feel somewhat anticlimactic. The game has a lot of voice work in it, most of which has been performed by the cast from the film.

Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man is on par with his effective, understated performance in the film, though his lines aren't as witty. Kirsten Dunst doesn't show up all that often during the game, though her lines as Mary Jane Watson come off as a little wooden.

Part of the problem is that the script for the game isn't as well written as the script for the movie. It stands fine on its own, but if you've seen the movie, you'll be wondering why a few sequences were needlessly rewritten.

And much of the writing done specifically for the game isn't very good at all. In a real "welcome to four years ago" moment, the game actually makes an extremely tired "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" reference. Also, actor Bruce Campbell returns as the voice of the game's tutorial. He'll be constantly chatting you up as you find hint icons spread throughout the city. If you're a fan of Bruce Campbell's unique brand of being Bruce Campbell, you'll likely enjoy the hint speech.

But Bruce mostly just seems out of place and, over time, actually gets pretty annoying. Spidey can beat up thugs like nobody's business, though he can't actually harm innocents or their cars, in case you were wondering. The game makes fairly intensive use of a lot of different buttons, which makes the PlayStation 2 version the best in terms of control, if only by a very slight margin. But, graphically, the Xbox version comes out on top with its cleaner look, though the GameCube version is a very close second.

Regardless of these typical differences, the game holds up well enough on all three platforms, so you aren't really missing out on anything by getting one version over another. The game has rather brief loading times on all platforms, only stopping to load when you're entering a mission or coming out of a cutscene; you can seamlessly travel around the city itself. Spider-Man 2 has tons of little challenges and hidden items to find all over the large city in which it takes place.

But the game design doesn't take full advantage of the huge city, so instead you'll usually end up repeating the same half-dozen or so tasks over and over again, with some unique challenges thankfully sprinkled in to keep things moving.

Even with all this repetition, Spider-Man 2 is still a good game, since it does succeed at capturing the sheer thrill of webswinging through a metropolitan area. However, it also feels like a missed opportunity. With some more variance in its mission design, Spider-Man 2 actually could have been something truly amazing. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Click To Unmute.

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Nothing you can't do. Edit Did You Know? Trivia If the player looks around while in J. Jameson's office, one can see a poster of "Who is Spider-Man? Goofs When taking pictures in the Daily Bugle missions, the cars on the streets are still moving in the photos. Mary Jane Watson : Yeah. Great timing. Spider-Man : You know me. Always hanging around.

Alternate Versions The PC version is completely different from the console version. Free roaming is a minimized cut of the console versions and it contains less extreme content; otherwise violent for an E rating. User Reviews Just plain awesome!!!