wwe raw 2 2007 pc game download

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Wwe raw 2 2007 pc game download

Adobe Photoshop CC. VirtualDJ WhatsApp Messenger. Talking Tom Cat. Clash of Clans. Subway Surfers. TubeMate 3. Google Play. SpaceX explosion. Square takes stake in Tidal. QAnon and March 4. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Paramount Plus. Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Trending from CNET. Download Now. Editors' Review Download. Superb graphics and realistic action aren't enough to make up for a very stingy demo in this head-to-head fighting game.

WWE Raw only allows a one-on-one fight with two set players in this 60MB wrestling demo, a limitation that cooled our enthusiasm significantly for what is otherwise a graphically stunning game. The game's animation all around is top notch, with impressive cut screens that at the beginning of each round introduce each player.

The video sequence at the beginning of WWE Raw knocked our socks off! Sound effects, with each punch or throw, are very realistic. Yet we were frustrated with the game's poorly designed interface. Unnecessary animation takes up too much memory and slows down browsing the game menu. What's more, the whole menu doesn't even fit on the screen, requiring you to scroll down to read more. We weren't able to find the "exit" command for some time before we realized we had to scroll to locate it.

Legal information and disclaimers linger at the start of the game for what seems an eternity, too. There's far too much fanfare and unnecessary cut screen details before you even get into the ring. Overall, WWE Raw is a classic, enjoyable game for big fans of wrestling, yet a limited demo and some design flaws may test the patience of some.

Full Specifications. There are also arenas based upon each WWE television show. The Create an Entrance feature allows the player to use custom music tracks that have been ripped onto their Xbox's hard disk, synchronize two sets of pyrotechnics with taunts or poses, and create an entrance video featuring the player's character performing various wrestling moves.

Upon its release, the game was praised for an improved and more current roster. In Create a Superstar users have the ability to choose their character's alignment type and whether he or she is to be a face or heel. The alignments determine who the character's friends and enemies are in the career mode, Raw 2 also allows players to edit WWE's wrestlers into the way they want them to look.

In season mode, alignment cannot be changed, but gamers can change who likes or dislikes their wrestler through the various options. Changing between face and heel can also be done through the options.


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Your Superstar hangs out backstage and relaxes. If he is not approached by another Superstar, he recovers 30 Vitality points. If he is approached by a Superstar and has a friendly conversation, his Popularity and Vitality increase by modest amounts. If your Superstar is approached by a hostile Superstar, however, the two behemoths have a short fight.

If your Superstar loses, he loses a great deal of Vitality. Even if he wins, he loses a bit of Vitality. To Surprise Attack another Superstar, instigate a backstage brawl with your target. If you win, you take out a great deal of his or her Vitality, which is the perfect way to soften up an opponent before a match. However, surprise attacks can backfire--if you lose the backstage brawl, you're the one on the short end of the Vitality stick.

Sometimes you just won't be able to find your rival Superstar, and you'll suffer a very modest Vitality loss as a result. When you choose to attempt Interference, you risk some ot your Vitality for the chance to interfere in a Superstar's match. This is a good way to help out an ally or just get some payback on a Superstar that you have a grudge against. A successful attempt costs 20 Vitality points but gains you two Popularity points, and you get to control your Superstar as he interferes in the match.

Sometimes, however, pesky arena security keeps you from reaching the ring, in which case you accomplish nothing and lose five Vitality points for looking painfully silly. During a match, you can choose to steal something from a Superstar's locker. A high Luck score helps your chances. If you're successful, however, you lose more Vitality and Popularity than if you had failed.

Stealing is a great way to unlock hidden items, such as new options in Create a Superstar mode, Superstar entrance videos, and additional points for your created Superstars' parameters. Setting a trap for a Superstar is the easiest way to deprive him of some Vitality, but even a successful attempt costs you half the Vitality that the attacked Superstar lost.

You don't have to actually fight the Superstar, though, so it's a good way to take a big-name Superstar down a peg or two before a match. Manipulate a Superstar to trick him or her into attacking another wrassler. You lose 10 points of Vitality on a successful attempt, but the attacked Superstar loses The Superstar who does the attacking doesn't lose any Vitality. Encouraging a Superstar risks a small amount of your own Vitality five points to increase theirs if you are successful.

Sometimes, the Superstar blows you off, in which case you lose 10 Vitality points but increase the friendliness between the two Superstars. If you can't find the Superstar backstage, you lose five Vitality points. Question a Superstar's intestinal fortitude by calling him or her out. Standing in the middle of the ring, your Superstar challenges another Superstar to come on down. If the challenged Superstar comes out, you lose 10 Vitality points but earn five Popularity points; the Superstar you challenged also earns two Popularity points.

Sometimes a different Superstar responds to the Call Out--this costs you 10 Vitality points but gives you two Popularity Points and your opponent one Popularity point, as well as increases the hostility between the two Superstars. It also gives you a "Call Out Card" that results in a match between you and the Superstar who responded to your challenge.

If no one comes out, you lose five Vitality points and nothing else happens--aside from the yelling, the name calling, and the strutting. Complaining to another Superstar costs you 10 Vitality points but increases the hostility between you and the other Superstar it you are successful. It you fail to find the Superstar backstage, you lose five Vitality points. Choose Select Manager if you want to have an ally outside of the ring who can watch your back. Superstars with high Charisma who look for Superstars with compatible Alignments have more luck getting them to be managers.

A successful attempt nets you a new manager. An unsuccessful attempt costs 10 Vitality points. If you're tired of your manager, show him or her the door. This sends the two of you on your separate ways, but be warned--many a WWE feud has been sparked by a jilted manager! Raw 2 suffers from so many problems, it's hard to know where to begin.

Developer Anchor added a lot of potentially cool features to this visually polished game, but none of them really work. For example, ambushing a rival before a match doesn't help or hinder you in any tangible way. Same deal with a new feature allowing friendship or enmity with other superstars--they seem to attack or help you randomly no matter what.

It has some success in making the quicker moves seem more fluid but has the opposite effect on the power moves. It makes these seem sluggish and the matches tempo drops as a result. The additions that really matter are those that add more entertainment and excitement. Those that make the player feel like an Adonis in the ring. So the inclusion of ultimate control moves that allow the player to make use of the environment are truly wonderful in action. You can toss opponents over the top rope to a table that is waiting for them on the other side.

You can take apart the announcers table for a handy set of speakers to bash your adversary with. Unfortunately, these moves to feel very limited with only a handful being accessible within the game. It feels like something that the developers could have went all in on and really pushed the boundaries of representing the profession authentically.

All in all though, its a positive. The best thing about this series of games, especially in the years leading up to this title, was the plethora of content on offer. This is something that Smackdown Vs Raw continues to deliver on.

The career mode, if a little suspect in the harsh light of , delivers a brilliant and entertaining set of stories. Voice acting from superstars on the roster became a thing, which undeniably lowered replay value but upped production value tremendously.

Then there is the excellent creation options, the wide variety of modes and matches, the unlockable content and the GM mode that returns for a second year running. The series has always been praised for its consistently impressive portrayal of WWE superstars and the various PPV event stages. Not to mention their ability to constantly improve on their last outing. However, on this occasion the cracks begin to form.

This along with long load times, a sound quality that clearly focused on voice acting and let other areas suffer, plus the soundtrack although on brand, for the most part, does feel a little bit eclectic and for that reason is slightly underwhelming. Wrestling games have failed to live up to the popularity within this era of gaming. Arguably, when the Smackdown Vs Raw series ended and 2K took over, the series was never the same.

This game although still a fantastic representation of a wonderful period for the genre feels like the beginning of the end. Like old rock bands on their farewell tour.

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WWE RAW Is 3D Graphics PC Video Game Developed By Anchor and Published by THQ. The WWE Raw program installs in just a few clicks, and is simple and. System requirements: PC compatible; Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7//Vista/WinXP. Game Reviews. Download Free PC Games Full Version Best Place To Download Free PC Games. Download WWE Smackdown VS Raw Game.