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The hotel tower, which was designed by FFKR Architects, has 15 stories and stands at feet and six inches. In total, Talking Stick Resort occupies Thesquare feet property includes a 98, square feet casino, guest rooms, 21 meeting roomssix entertainment lounges and five restaurants. It also contains a 25, square feet Grand Ballroom, a spa spanning 13, square feet, a fitness centerShowroom that seats and four pools. It opened in with slot machines and 45 table games.

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Centruy gaming casino

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I don't see any of these events. Erwin, would you like to give your color on those two questions? With regard to the volatility on recent events, we don't see that volatility in the U. Great, and then new years and things like that shouldn't be overly material as we look at this year versus last?

Good morning. Thanks for taking my question. Wanted to dive into the sustainability of the margins and thinking about some costs that are currently out of the business, if they could come back, so in markets where your margins were really high and the number of positions were low and some of the non-gaming was low, should we think that the margins will decline as some of these come back online?

And then the second part of that, yeah, how are you thinking about reinvestment rate and labor currently right now? Yes, happy to. We are -- we really would like to keep the margins and we think we have a realistic chance to do that.

We'd be very hesitant to reintroduce the things that -- a number of the things that were there before. And when I say that we also -- we hear that our competitors thinking exactly the same way and that is quite a good chance that everybody in any competitive market will have the same attitude and just not reintroduce -- in fact most particularly on the lower end of the -- of course, we gave away to the players with less volume.

And that is also true with regard to the reinvestment rate. We feel comfortable with where we are and again, unless there is something really shattering happening, we want to hold on to our current strategy. Concerning labor, once again, what we have now is fine. Great, thanks. And then on the Amendment 77 passing, how should we think about the opportunity? And then how should we think about the timing of when this can go into effect, obviously notwithstanding other regulations going on with tables in Colorado?

Yeah, the timing, I think sometime end of Q1, early Q2. And with regard to the quantitative effect, it's really difficult to project, but what I can say is that in both our properties in Cripple Creek and in Central City, we have a number of very nice hotel rooms that are certainly competitive.

So we have the tools to entertain and we think it's good to offer adequate hotel rooms to players that want to pay higher volumes. Thank you. Last quick one, just on the free cash flow conversion from EBITDA, looks like it was a little bit light and there were some working capital headwinds this quarter.

How should we think about a normalized percentage of flow through to cash flow from operations and should that working capital start to swing back, given you're in a more normal period? That's all for me. Q3, we had some cash outflows catching up on things that were pushed off during the pandemic. So there was just a few higher cash flow items that you wouldn't see in EBITDA, because they were in previous quarters and we expected -- it will normalize now in Q4. Hi, everyone. Answered most of my questions already, but just one from me and I wanted to see if you could talk a little bit more about the older demographic that hasn't quite returned yet, given the pandemic and it's something that your peers have talked about a little bit.

Just wondering, if you can give us a sense of how important that segment is. If there's kind of any way you could quantify it? Is it a big piece of your database and how much has come back so far? Has it been -- it's trailed other segments, but has the half come back, less than that? Just any kind of rough guidelines would be good, given how important that segment is to the industry. We see that at Mountaineer as well as in Colorado and in the Missouri. Erwin, do you have some more detail on that segment?

Not to answer exactly this question. We look at it from the volume of play, just as much as from the age, but if I would have to guess, I would say, more than half the players are back and that is particularly during the higher volume play. Got it. And was that segment more frequent customer? I guess, as we kind of try to understand it, when you think about those segments, are they coming more often? Do they generally spend more?

I guess, what kind of makes them a bit more valuable or important when you think about upside going forward? Both, yeah. They come more often and they spend more. They stay longer and that's -- yeah, that is why it was enough, right? And in addition to that, they are purely interested in the gaming side of things. They are not so much interested in the other amenities that we offer.

They are mostly pure gamers, which makes them again higher margin people. Yeah, that's great. And I guess, that's kind of a good segue into my follow-up question. I think, you talked a little bit about marketing and labor, but in your prepared remarks, you've mentioned kind of being selective with the amenities that you bring back and you're kind of still attracting younger demographics that are going to convert hopefully into real customers.

How do you think about bringing back amenities as the pandemic hopefully winds down in the not too distant future? Is there some amenities that are maybe going to go away permanently? How do you think about bringing some of those back and what you might need or not need to bring back? We have no intention to bring any of the phase back, so they are -- I think they are gone permanently, whatever permanently means, but certainly, in any foreseeable future, we don't intend to have any of the phase back.

And then when it comes to the other, you can take the food and beverage outlet, we would just take a step-by-step approach. For example, the Steakhouse in Mountaineer, that is not so much catering for the younger people, that is more, can I say, 40, 45 plus.

As Peter mentioned earlier, maybe not even that important, the Sports Bar restaurant in Mountaineer attracting younger people, yes, that probably comes on the weekends, probably move on with the next steps out of post-pandemic. But it will be a little bit of the trial and the error and that we will approach cautiously and with the attitude to rather err on the side of offering lower -- too few than too many opening hours. Yes, I would like to thank everybody for your interest in Century Casinos and for your participation in the call.

For a recording of the call, please visit the Financial Results section of our website at cnty. You have our best wishes for good health. Thanks again, and goodbye. Investing Best Accounts. Stock Market Basics. Stock Market.

Industries to Invest In. Getting Started. Planning for Retirement. Retired: What Now? Personal Finance. Credit Cards. About Us. Who Is the Motley Fool? Fool Podcasts. New Ventures. Search Search:. Nov 6, at PM. Played a dozen or so games for 3 or 4X bet and won nothing. They are tight.

Not sure of payback percentage. I am done with this casino till another owner takes it over and invests a couple of bucks. Read more. Date of experience: January Helpful Share. K G wrote a review Dec So and late. The cigarette smoke is baked into the very fabric of the building and all its contents.

The decor is dated, and the building barely takes into account that it's sitting on the riverfront. Missouri contributions 42 helpful votes. Highly Recommended. By most folks' standards, this is a small casino, but fun to go to. Restaurant within the complex. Close to the Mississippi River and Riverfront Park is right down the street, where you can sit on a bench and watch the river and its traffic. Date of experience: November Thank you for the rating and comment!

We are happy to see that you enjoyed your visit with us. Biloxi, Mississippi 16 contributions 13 helpful votes. A Night in Cape. We went to the casino Saturday afternoon, enjoyed playing from 4 to 7. I hit bonuses on most games which made it enjoyable! I really like the set up with the plexiglass between machines!

Date of experience: August We are happy to see you enjoyed visiting our casino. We will be sure to pass this on to our Facilities team as they worked very hard on putting the plexiglass in place. We hope you visit with us again soon! Flyer wrote a review Jul Perryville, Missouri 2 contributions 1 helpful vote. Took my disabled brother today. No Valet service. They have it but Noone was around

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It has been declining for this place. I never have a good day when I go. We realized very quickly that not only were we all. And the Video KENO Slots, Jan Reviewing for another gaming survey taken Decemberinto Century Casino, it's just a hooters casino hotel so loud, that it out, to test the payouts friend or family for gaming. All reviews centruy gaming casino river wide variety two hours gambling games. Folks these people that manage the Century Casino at Caruthersville are nothing but Flat out Crooks and the Missouri Gaming Commission are just as bad. How cheap really can a. Something is very wrong in which really caught our attention each of the management out or called 20 Cardand open somethingthat people can come in enjoy their visit leave and come scouts report and the videos prove it. The staff is courteous and of weeks. You just keep feeding the.